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List of partners

enoprimes, a subsidy for your energy renovation

  1. Thermal insulation of the exterior wall

  2. Thermal insulation of the roof

  3. Thermal insulation of the lower slab

  4. Window replacement

  5. Installation of controlled mechanical ventilation

  6. Replacement of the heat production system

  7. Installation of a solar thermal system with or without additional heating

The enoprimes programme is intended, among others, for all individuals wishing to start energy renovation works.

Benefit from financial assistance for a project aimed at improving your home’s energy efficiency. Our partners will take care of the necessary formalities to obtain the premiums. 

Premiums paid for a range of eligible works 

The enoprimes programme was launched under the impetus of the European Energy Efficiency Directive which was then transposed into national law in August 2015.

The aim of the legislation is to foster energy providers to encourage consumers to reduce their energy consumption.

To this end, a renovation subsidy programme was created. Under the programme, consumers deciding to carry out renovations aimed at reducing their energy consumption can obtain premiums for such works.

The advantages of the premium for your renovation project

The enoprimes premiums reduce the price of your energy renovation project as well as your energy invoices.

The enoprimes programme also has other advantages:

Simple formalities

All of the formalities for obtaining premiums are carried out by one of the programme’s approved partners. They will take care of every administrative step.

Quick payment

Your premium will be paid within four weeks following approval of your project.

Cumulative offer

This premium can be combined with other State or municipal subsidies.