enoprimes: which works are eligible for municipalities? 

The enoprimes programme grants premiums for works or other measures aimed at saving energy. Find out all about eligible works for enoprimes for municipalities.

Many measures are eligible for enoprimes premiums and enable you to benefit from premiums that can cover up to 100% of the investments.

As a municipality, which works can I receive enoprimes premiums for?

The enoprimes premiums can be granted to municipalities to the extent that the works or actions undertaken contribute to making energy savings. Two types of actions are recognised:

  • standard actions: those for which an energy savings calculation method was directly set by the Grand-Ducal Regulation;
  • specific actions: those for which only some parts of the calculation are imposed by the Grand-Ducal Regulation, and for which proof of the energy saving actually made must be provided subsequently.

Below are a few examples of measures and works for municipalities eligible for enoprimes premiums. The premiums can be combined with other State or borough subsidies.


  • Relighting LED
  • New LED lighting
  • Motion/presence detector
  • Dimming based on outdoor light levels

Insulation / Windows

  • Thermal insulation of a wall
  • Thermal insulation of a roof or a foundation slab
  • Replacing windows

Cold production / distribution

  • Implementation of free cooling
  • Replacement of the refrigerated unit
  • Reduction of the cooling needs
  • Improvement of regulation
  • Heat recovery on condensers
  • Floating HP/LP
  • Stopping cold distribution based on outdoor temperature
  • High energy performance cold production

Heat production / distribution

  • Replacement of a heat production unit
  • Reduction of heat needs
  • Variable speed heating circulating pumps
  • Thermal solar installation

Ventilation / air handling units

  • Reduction of the flow rate by implementing a variable speed drive
  • Implementation/improvement of the recovery of fresh air /return air
  • Stopping humidification
  • Reduced operating time
  • Replacement air handling unit

Surveillance / monitoring

  • Implementation of monitoring of energy consumption
  • Signature of an energy performance contract


  • Replacement of motors with IE3 or IE4 motors
  • Purchase of new IE4 motors

If you have a standard project aimed at saving energy within your business, you can use our online simulator to estimate the premium to which you are entitled. You can then submit your application yourself via your my.enoprimes account or contact one of our partners who will complete the administrative formalities.

However, if your project is not on the list of examples provided by our online simulator, or if you do not have a standard project, you must submit a specific application.

In addition, energieagence can also advise you on the best suited works for your premises’ energy situation, i.e. those best suited to optimally exploiting the energy saving potential.

enoprimes premiums for municipalities: eligibility conditions to be met

One important condition for becoming eligible for enoprimes premiums is having our offer of financial assistance before beginning the works (through an order for instance). The formalities must be started well ahead of time.

For the remainder, you must document your project, whether it is a standard or specific project, in order to be entitled to the enoprimes premiums:

  • For standard measures, you must provide administrative documents (invoices, estimates, etc.).
  • For specific measures, the documentation is more extensive and must contain technical details provided by suppliers as well as measures for monitoring of the actual energy saving. Some of these documents must be provided upon submitting the application and at the latest at the time of validation of the application, after the project has been completed.

You can count on our “enoprimes certified” partners for assistance in collecting the documentation and making your calculations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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