The enoprimes partners support your municipality

The enoprimes partners are qualified professionals who will carry out your municipality’s works or provide guidance in relation to the technical aspects of your project. They are able to complete all the necessary administrative formalities in order to help you receive your enoprimes premiums.

The enoprimes partners will assist you in all administrative and technical aspects of your application.

Our partners, enoprimes relays for your municipality’s works

The enoprimes programme functions thanks to a large network of partners stretching across the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The 250 enoprimes partner companies are, among others, fitters, engineering firms, material suppliers.

Our partners are trained in the administrative process in order to obtain enoprimes premiums. Thus, in addition to carrying out your works, they are also able to lighten the administrative burden linked to the premium application. They will complete all the formalities, except if you wish to complete them yourself via your my.enoprimes account.

A partnership between enoprimes and the Federation of Artisans

enoprimes has partnered up with the Federation of Artisans in order to enable you to find a professional able to help you anywhere in Luxembourg.

The Federation’s members provide quality work and are trained in all administrative aspects of enoprimes applications. They will save you time on the formalities and provide support in that regard.

Partners for your municipality’s specific enoprimes applications

All our enoprimes partners lighten the workload for you. However, in addition to taking care of the documentation, the “enoprimes certified” partners are also able to offer premiums on our behalf that can be directly deducted from their fees. This simplifies the process and contributes to reducing your upfront investment.

These partners generally work on the more complex cases requiring significant amounts of technical support documents. They will collect the necessary technical documentation for you in order to calculate the amount of energy savings that will be made after completing your works or purchases.

Do not hesitate to contact them. They are easily identified by a label in our listing.

Find the partner closest to your location

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