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enoprimes, a premium to help businesses save energy.

Business in Luxembourg can benefit from the enoprimes programme which enables your business to obtain financial aid for a project and save. You can complete the formalities yourself, or let our partners take care of them for you.

Premiums for your business’ energy renovation or optimisation

Enoprimes is a programme of financial aid set up in response to the adoption of Luxembourg legislation in 2015 transposing a European energy efficiency directive. 

The Grand-Ducal Regulation is aimed to encourage energy suppliers to reduce end-users’ energy consumption. The enoprimes premiums were created for this purpose: they are premiums linked to the volume of energy saved.

A premium for energy renovation that reduces your costs

For businesses, reducing energy consumption is a tempting proposition, financially-speaking, although it requires a considerable investment. Thanks to the enoprimes premiums, you can start the process while reducing your upfront investment.

Simple formalities

One of our partners can complete the administrative formalities for you, or you can create a my.enoprimes account through which you can submit and follow-up your enoprimes application online.

Quick payment

Four weeks after your application was validated, you will receive the premium for energy saving in your business.

The offer can be combined with other offers

If you have already received an enoprimes premium, you can combine it with other forms of aid granted by the State.

Finally, if your project is not included in the list of examples provided by our online simulator, you can submit a specific enoprimes application. The latter will help you to obtain financial aid in the form of a premium or a voucher for our services, enabling you to receive additional services. The voucher can be used as soon as your application has been validated.